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"REPAIR First... REPLACE When Necessary®" Windscreen and Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements

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We Guarantee to get it right the First Time!

A NOVUS® windscreen repair carries a Nationwide Warranty for as long as you remain the owner of the vehicle repaired. If the repair fails, we will deduct the repair price off the new windscreen price, when fitted by NOVUS®, GUARANTEED!


  • About Us

    NOVUS® Auto Glass has more than 1,500 outlets located in more than 43 countries, with 75 NOVUS® Auto Glass franchisees in Australia and that number is still growing. We have a proud reputation of Quality, Service and Integrity. NOVUS® is the recognised Global Leaders in Windscreen Repair Technology, NOVUS® is the only name to trust!

    Superior Quality

    NOVUS® maintains superior quality because of our full time research and development facility that aims to provide our international franchise network in more than 43 countries with the most modern and strongest materials and equipment in the windscreen repair industry. Australian NOVUS® Auto Glass technicians receive thorough training that provides a platform for safe and visibly clear windscreen repairs, so regardless if the work is done in a workshop or on-site you will receive the same top quality repair. NOVUS® adheres to each state and territories roadworthy laws and AS2366 1999 guidelines at all times. With each job our technicians complete; our customers receive an Australia wide lifetime guarantee.

    Superior Service

    The superior service NOVUS® Auto Glass Australia offers is due to the largest network of dedicated and fully qualified and expertly trained NOVUS® Auto Glass windscreen technicians throughout the country. All work is performed in a confident and professional manner at all times by our friendly technicians. Simply call 1800 4 NOVUS to connect to your nearest NOVUS® Auto Glass Australian branch, and bring a mobile NOVUS® Auto Glass service technician to your door fast. For stone chip repairs, crack repairs, glass scratch removal, resealing of leaks and all motor vehicle glass replacement when necessary, call NOVUS®!

    NOVUS® Australia acknowledges that honesty is one of the most important foundation stones of most good businesses and that it is essential in the automotive industry to maintain a high degree of credibility that is beyond reproach. NOVUS® achieves this through their strict policy to “REPAIR First… REPLACE When Necessary®”; so if, and when windscreen damage happens and it can be repaired, NOVUS® promises to repair it. Each NOVUS® Auto Glass technician is an owner-operated franchise, so you can rest assured of complete integrity on every job.

    1800 466 887 brings NOVUS® to your door!


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