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"REPAIR First... REPLACE When Necessary®" Windscreen and Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements

We Guarantee to get it right the First Time!

A NOVUS® windscreen repair carries a Nationwide Warranty for as long as you remain the owner of the vehicle repaired. If the repair fails, we will deduct the repair price off the new windscreen price, when fitted by NOVUS®, GUARANTEED!


  • Insurance

    All NOVUS® Australia franchisees are required to have public/product liability insurance cover of minimum $10 million as part of the NOVUS® Australia franchise agreement, contact NOVUS® for more information.

    Work Place Health and Safety (WHS/OHS)

    NOVUS®Australia is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment through raised NOVUS® Australia’s Workplace and Occupational Health and Safety Standards. NOVUS® Australia prides itself on its commitment to you. This Workplace and Occupational Health and Safety Standards has been developed to ensure we meet the highest standards, and follow through with our commitment to your safety.

    As part of the NOVUS® Australia team we require our employees to participate in the Occupational Health and Safety standards through the forums provided to you. All NOVUS® Australia franchisees and their employees must act in a responsible manner by adhering to these standards and correcting undue hazards before they pose a risk of injury or illness.

    The standards are not an exhaustive list of the specific responsibilities that state and federal laws provide; however, it acts as a foundation for developing an effective program. Each region will have to identify any specific laws, codes and regulations that they must comply with.

    Environmental and Waste Management Policy

    Reducing the environmental impact of NOVUS® Auto Glass has become a goal of NOVUS® Auto Glass. That is why NOVUS® Auto Glass has developed treatment techniques, utilising the most advanced equipment and products to ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal. NOVUS® Australia takes waste materials and disposes of the glass in recycling centres throughout Australia. A full copy of our environmental and waste disposal policy is available on request.


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