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"REPAIR First... REPLACE When Necessary®" Windscreen and Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements

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We Guarantee to get it right the First Time!

A NOVUS® windscreen repair carries a Nationwide Warranty for as long as you remain the owner of the vehicle repaired. If the repair fails, we will deduct the repair price off the new windscreen price, when fitted by NOVUS®, GUARANTEED!


  • Our National Service Cover

    For large fleets of vehicles or machinery any downtime costs money and this adds up over a year. NOVUS® franchisees specialise in providing fast and efficient service in an urgent or emergency situation as well as monitoring and managing fleet vehicle glass condition and repairing any damage to prevent more expensive damage and downtime later.

    NOVUS® is the preferred supplier to fleet owners and managers due to our unsurpassed reputation as the inventor and industry leader in windscreen repair technology. NOVUS® windscreen technologies are developed and perfected in their own dedicated research and development facility, supplying the worldwide network of NOVUS® franchisees with the latest and best in materials and equipment to provide superior windscreen and auto glass repair and replacement services.

    NOVUS® has the established network and capacity to look after the needs of their customers and can cater to nationwide fleet vehicles of all types.

    National Network Coverage

    NOVUS® is a global company with presence in 60 countries and 2000 locations worldwide. More than 25 million NOVUS® Auto Glass repairs have been performed worldwide, which has allowed NOVUS® Auto Glass to become so widely recognised and respected as the inventor and premier provider of the windscreen repair process that it’s name is virtually synonymous with windscreen repair. NOVUS® Australia has a network of windscreen replacement and repair technicians in Australia providing customers with a vast coverage of windscreen service on a mobile on-site or drive-in workshop basis. In total, NOVUS® Australia operates over 200 mobile vans and more than 80 workshops throughout Australia. Collectively NOVUS® Australia covers 100 areas across Australia including Tasmania. NOVUS® Australia utilises and engages in agency agreements with selected qualified technicians throughout Australia.

    Windscreen Repair Process

    NOVUS®Australia offers a world patented windscreen repair process. Where applicable the repair process will enable your organisation to make significant cost savings on automotive glass replacement costs.

    For customers to achieve significant savings, NOVUS® Australia offers the opportunity to conduct regular vehicle examinations on your vehicle fleet. NOVUS® Australia aims to adopt world’s best practice by working with clients and being pro-active in preventing a windscreen replacement, thus passing on the benefits to clients in the form of lower operating expenses. These initiatives can be implemented locally with direct representation by NOVUS® Australia franchisees in your area.

    Furthermore because the repair process takes less time than a windscreen replacement, NOVUS® Australia will have the vehicle back on the road sooner, again saving unnecessary vehicle down time.

    Heavy and Industrial Transport

    NOVUS® Auto Glass are your trusted experts when it comes to repairing or replacing auto glass on all forms of heavy transport whether it’s a bus, truck, earth mover or excavator. There is no job, be it big or small, that we haven’t done before.

    NOVUS® technician’s are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of windscreen repair and windscreen replacement to heavy commercial vehicles, equipment and machinery. Specialist knowledge and equipment is essential when handling large heavy auto glass materials, therefore it is vital to have someone on the job that you can trust. We know what is important to our commercial customers and that your time is money, so we will work around you and your requirements, to ensure that your vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible.


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