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"REPAIR First... REPLACE When Necessary®" Windscreen and Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements

We Guarantee to get it right the First Time!

A NOVUS® windscreen repair carries a Nationwide Warranty for as long as you remain the owner of the vehicle repaired. If the repair fails, we will deduct the repair price off the new windscreen price, when fitted by NOVUS®, GUARANTEED!


  • NOVUS® Auto Glass Franchise FAQs  

    Why can’t NOVUS® Auto Glass provide me with sales and profit information on projections?

    Government franchise laws and regulations are designed with the protection of potential franchisees in mind, and limit franchisors from making earning claims.  Incoming franchisees are reliant on industry and system wide performance rather than overly optimistic numbers that may encourage your participation in the NOVUS® Auto Glass franchise. It also recognises that such income and profit opportunity comes primarily from the skills and discipline that you bring to your NOVUS® Auto Glass franchise. You will have an opportunity to talk with current NOVUS® Auto Glass franchisees regarding your questions about sales and income opportunities with a NOVUS® Auto Glass License.

    Can I sell my NOVUS® Auto Glass franchise?

    Yes. However we do reserve the right to approve the subsequent buyer.

    Do I have to be mechanically inclined, or experienced to own and operate a NOVUS® Auto Glass license?

    No. We have many successful franchisees that have come from a variety of backgrounds. It is more important that you have a strong desire to run a successful business and are willing to use the training, tools and support that will be provided by NOVUS® Auto Glass.

    What is the investment required to buy a NOVUS® Auto Glass franchise?

    Initial investment for an individual franchise location can range. The investment amount varies depending on business costs and the size and location of the franchise. Contact us for more information.

    What is the Buying Process? What Happens? How does it work?

    To help you understand how the NOVUS® Auto Glass franchise process works, we have included a list of steps that generally take place.

    1. Completion of the Confidential Information Form.
    2. We encourage you to perform due diligence on the NOVUS®Auto Glass opportunity in the territory which may interest you. This may also include contacting several existing NOVUS®Auto Glass Franchisees to learn more about their experience as it relates to the NOVUS®Auto Glass Repair & Replacement business.
    3. If, after careful consideration and mutual due diligence, both parties feel a NOVUS® Auto Glass franchise is suitable for you, we offer help to you to complete the purchase.
    4. You will work with your NOVUS® Auto Glass representative to set a date for a meeting at the NOVUS®Auto Glass offices. This day is important in that it will allow you to meet and ask questions of all of the key personnel you will be working with on an ongoing basis as a NOVUS® Auto Glass franchisee, while at the same time allowing us to get to know you better.
    5. Upon obtaining final approval from NOVUS® Auto Glass, a completed License/Franchise Agreement will be provided to you for your signature. In addition, your NOVUS® Auto Glass training class will be scheduled, and the process of obtaining your equipment and supplies will get underway.
    6. Attend the NOVUS® Auto Glass Training Course will be at one of the NOVUS® Auto Glass locations, which will be advised. The training is comprehensive and technical. At NOVUS® Auto Glass you have industry experts teaching you in the field of windscreen Repair and Replacement!


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