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"REPAIR First... REPLACE When Necessary®" Windscreen and Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements

All NOVUS® franchisees provide a mobile service for the convenience of their customers.

  • Glass Restoration & Scratch Removal

    Did you know that your NOVUS® Auto Glass professional can remove scratches, acid etching, and mineral deposits from glass?

    For over 20 years, NOVUS® Auto Glass professionals have been using the SRP glass scratch restoration system to restore the surfaces of scratched and damaged automotive, home, and architectural glass. NOVUS® Auto Glass can help you reduce manufacturing, distribution and fabrication expenses, and save the cost of replacement glass. NOVUS® Auto Glass can assist also with re-installation and save money as time and labour costs compares well against glass replacement.

    The process is fast, efficient and patented and this re-circulating system allows for cleaner and faster polishing than conventional open-face systems. The NOVUS® Auto Glass system effectively repairs heavily damaged glass, and eliminates the need to remove, re-order or replace glass. The NOVUS® Auto Glass scratch removal methods are excellent for almost any type of glass, and we can come to you – our only requirements is a power source.

    The NOVUS® Auto Glass process is perfect for home, or business glass windows and provides the cleanest and most consistent results in the industry, with less distortion and mess than conventional open-face systems.

    N.B. PLEASE NOTE – NOVUS® Glass Restoration and Scratch Removal may not be offered or made available by all franchises in all areas.

    Did you know NOVUS® Auto Glass can also take care of graffiti, as well as scratches and stains on:

    • Shop and office windows
    • Glass doors
    • Displays
    • Plates
    • Laminated and toughened glass
    • Glass table tops
    • Large house windows

    And at only a fraction of replacement cost!

    NOVUS® will save you plenty of time and money on even the smallest job. Cost savings on large projects can run into thousands of dollars!

    The results are clear!

    Our experienced NOVUS® technicians work with state of the art equipment and can give you amazing glass repair results. Repairing rather than replacing also looks after our environment.

    The largest glass repairer in the world, NOVUS® is represented in over 60 countries and aims to reduce global environmental waste.

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Professional Auto Glass and Wind Screen Repairing Service
August 19, 2014
5/5 stars
Novus Auto Glass is very Professional. They have highly Skilled technicians in their multiple teams. Highly Recommended!