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  • Plastic Polish





     NOVUS® Auto Glass – plastic polish restores
    original beauty to all plastic and acrylic products.


    Since 1973, NOVUS® Auto Glass plastic polishes have been used around the world to restore the shine and brilliance to may types of plastic acrylic surfaces.

    It is truly a product that once you use it, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!

    NOVUS® Auto Glass is the answer to scratch removal and long lasting protection for all plastic, acrylic and fibreglass products. For home or industrial use, NOVUS® has formulated a complete system to restore scratched, faded or discoloured plastic materials.

    The NOVUS® Plastic Polish 1, 2 and 3 polishes provide a complete system of scratch removal and surface restoration. When used together


    NOVUS® Plastic Polish 1 can be used individually to clean, shine, and protect all types of plastic surfaces.


    NOVUS® Plastic Polish 2 keeps plastic looking new by removing fine scratches and haziness. When damage is more severe use NOVUS® Plastic Polish 3


    NOVUS® Plastic Polish 3 keeps removes heavy scratches and abrasions and is formulated to prepare the surface for number 2 polishing.

    Since NOVUS® Auto Glass technology introduced its plastic polishes 1973, simple techniques have added new life to plastics and acrylics with easy-to-achieve professional results.

    The three NOVUS® Auto Glass polishes are helping millions win the war against fading, scratching and dulling of plastics that all too often cause the best products to grow old before their time.

    For more information please visit novuspolish.com or to send us an email Click Here

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August 19, 2014
5/5 stars
Novus Auto Glass is very Professional. They have highly Skilled technicians in their multiple teams. Highly Recommended!