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"REPAIR First... REPLACE When Necessary®" Windscreen and Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements

All NOVUS® franchisees provide a mobile service for the convenience of their customers.

  • Windscreen and Auto Glass Replacement


    NOVUS® Auto Glass is your local auto windscreen and auto window glass replacement specialist. We can fix all auto glass from damaged car windows to truck windscreen replacements.

    With NOVUS® Auto Glass having the largest network of dedicated auto glass repair and auto glass replacement technicians throughout Australis, service is only “a stone’s throw away”.

    Simply call NOVUS® Auto Glass on 132 234 to connect to your nearest NOVUS® Auto Glass branch for glass scratch removal, resealing of leaks and all motor vehicle windscreen or vehicle glass replacements. You can choose to either drive-in to a workshop near you, or our convenient mobile service will come to your home or work to carry out the automotive glass replacement.

    Windscreen Replacement

    If your vehicles windscreen is beyond repair, NOVUS® Auto Glass can replace the broken windscreen. We attempt to repair as many windscreens as possible, there are however, many instances when a windscreen is just too damaged and has to be replaced.

    To guarantee a top quality vehicle windscreen replacement, our highly skilled NOVUS® Auto Glass specialist abide by strict Australian standards and use manufacturers specified guidelines, materials and equipment. After completely removing the damaged windshield, a new windshield is inserted with the most advanced adhesives and primers on the market.

    We understand that very few of our customers actually want to replace their windscreen unnecessarily,, and so you can count on NOVUS® to get the job done right!

    Your safety is our top priority here at NOVUS® Auto Glass, our certified technicians are required to undergo comprehensive classroom training and one-on-one coaching while on the job.

    NOVUS® offer a peace of mind Australia wide lifetime guarantee on all automotive glass replacements. A NOVUS® Auto Glass replacement also fixes leaks and wind noise, and we guarantee your new windscreen installation against leaks and wind noise or we’ll fix it.

    NOVUS® can also help with a hassle free auto glass claim on your insurance. We specialise in fleet vehicle repair and replacement work.

    All work complies with Australia / New Zealand safety standard as 2366.1.1999

    Windscreen damage is in most cases caused by a rock or stone or other solid projectile hitting the outside layer of the windscreen, or as a result of the stress caused by the twisting of the body of the vehicle.

    These days, the majority of new replacement windscreens as supplied and fitted by NOVUS® Auto Glass are made of tough, damage resistant laminated glass that consists of two layers of glass and a layer of polyvinyl butyrate (PVB). When a car windshield is damaged, sharp pieces of glass tend to adhere to the PVB layer, therefore reducing the danger to a vehicle’s occupants from flying glass.

    The PVB layer in laminated car windows also exerts a cushioning effect to protect and keep occupants inside the vehicle during collisions. Tempered, or heat strengthened glass, is considered safety glass. This type of glass is often used in vehicle’s side and back windows. When broken, tempered glass crumbles into what looks like rounded glass pebbles.

    Laminated glass can normally be repaired, whilst tempered, or safety glass, cannot.

    Most new windscreens are now complex, engineered glass systems, with additional features such as heating elements, coatings to repel rain and ultra-violet radiation from the sun, tint bands, radio and telephone aerials, satellite uplinks, and sensors for convertible roofs. The cost of a new windscreen has steadily increased with these increased performance expectations.

    The most common forms of damage are known or referred to as a windscreen crack, windscreen ship, star or bull’s eye. A qualified NOVUS® Auto Glass technician, using the proven NOVUS® Auto Glass repair method, can fix most forms of damage, but it the windscreen is beyond repair we can replace the damaged windscreen in less than an hour NOVUS® Auto Glass aims to get you back on the road again with minimum delay and fuss.

    Side and Rear Glass Replacement

    In the case of side window damage or rear window damage, these windows cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced. They are made of special tempered glass designed to shatter into hundreds of pieces if broken, ensuring you and your passengers do not get injured by the glass in an accident. Here at NOVUS® Auto Glass we can replace all motor vehicle glass for all vehicles including sedans, station wagons, van, ute’s, hatchbacks, trucks, buses and commercial vehicles.

    Thank you for choosing NOVUS® Auto Glass. The windscreen and auto glass replacement specialists!

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August 19, 2014
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Novus Auto Glass is very Professional. They have highly Skilled technicians in their multiple teams. Highly Recommended!