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All NOVUS® franchisees provide a mobile service for the convenience of their customers.

  • Windscreen Repairs

    “REPAIR First… REPLACE When Necessary®


    Repair your windscreen before it needs to be replaced. A windscreen repair will save you time and money. Even the smallest windscreen crack or windscreen chip can cause your car windscreen to be vulnerable to further damage later on, get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent a windshield replacement. At NOVUS® Auto Glass a windscreen crack can be repaired up to 15cm (6 inches) long. Whether it’s a chip, star, bulls-eye or crack in your windshield, NOVUS® Auto Glass can repair most forms of windscreen damage in as little as 20-30 minutes.

    NOVUS® can fix all types of vehicle windscreen chips and vehicle windscreen cracks for all makes and models of vehicles, from classic and vintage motor vehicles, modern cars, prestige models, ute’s and vans to trucks, buses, earthmoving equipment, fixed plant and machinery. Only windscreen glass can be repaired. Side window glass and rear window glass cannot be repaired and will require an auto glass replacement.

    NOVUS® Auto Glass branches are nationwide. For all auto glass repairs call 132 234 and one of our helpful representatives will locate a franchise near you to book a technician to come to your home, office, workplace, or wherever you may be with our full mobile service. Alternatively, you can visit one of our fully equipped workshops, where a friendly team member will assist you with your windscreen repair requirements.

    There is not other company that knows more about automotive windscreen repairs than NOVUS® Auto Glass. NOVUS® Auto Glass is acknowledged internationally as “the world leaders in windscreen repair technology”.

    Preserve the structural integrity and safety of your vehicle with an auto windscreen repair

    Generally windshield damage is caused by a stone or other object hitting the outside layer of the windscreen, or as a result of stress on the motor vehicle’s body caused by the twisting or similar usually in an accident. The NOVUS® Auto Glass proven repair method is a safe and effective way to repair your windshield. Using only leading industry materials and equipment, a qualified technician will inject resin into the windshield crack or windshield chip, then cure and polish to return between approximately 75% and 95% of the optical clarity back to the damaged glass while at the same time restoring the windscreens structural integrity back to almost what it was before the damage occurred, without the need to remove or replace your windshield.

    It is important to repair car windscreen cracks and car windscreen chips before they lead to windscreen replacement and cause possible loss of strength of your vehicle’s factory seal. The windscreen is a key element in the structure of the motor vehicle and the original windscreen is a crucial component in preserving the structural integrity of the vehicle’s passenger compartment during a rollover crash. The car windscreen assists in keeping passengers inside of the car and it supports the roof, keeping it from collapsing and crushing the passengers.

    To ensure the safety of you and your passengers it is important to have a trained specialist such as a NOVUS® Auto Glass technician perform your windscreen repair.

    To retain optimum safety, a windscreen repair should be carried out as soon as possible, whenever possible. A vehicle windscreen repair not only saves the windscreen, it preserves the factory’s seal of windscreen to the vehicle’s body. Keeping the factory’s original seal also helps avoid the risk of air and water leaks. Repairing your auto windscreen not only saves money on a windscreen replacement, but is also environmentally friendly as it eliminates excess waste in garbage tips.

    Unsure if your windscreen can be repaired?

    Contact a highly trained and friendly NOVUS® Auto Glass windscreen repair expert on 132 234 for advice.

    Ensure quality visibility through your windscreen

    Drivers often procrastinate when it comes to the simple maintenance task of changing their wiper blades. The majority of driving decisions are based on visibility. With that in mind, drivers need to know just how critical it is to change wiper blades regularly. Installing a new pair will immediately improve the level of visibility, a benefit for both the driver and for those sharing the road. It is highly recommended that wiper blades or refills be changed every six months to maintain maximum driving safety.

    NOVUS® Auto Glass recommends the installation of silicone wiper blades that last up to 10 times as long as standard rubber blades.

    The modern windscreen can also become scratched from dirt and sand. Small rocks and stones can fracture the glass causing auto glass chips that can affect vision. Many drivers believe that a windscreen scratch or small windscreen chip can be left untreated, however when an object hits a windscreen, some of the original glass is displaced and air is allowed to enter. Since air and glass have different densities, the human eye registers the difference in the form of a blurred area or damaged windshield, which can affect your optical clarity.

    Here at NOVUS® Auto Glass we believe being a well-informed motorist, vehicle owner and driver is the best protection against hazards. Practice preventative care and please don’t compromise on your family’s safety.

    Thank you for choosing NOVUS®  Auto Glass. The Windscreen repair experts!

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August 19, 2014
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Novus Auto Glass is very Professional. They have highly Skilled technicians in their multiple teams. Highly Recommended!